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Despite the closeness of the mid-term election, Oregonians voted in favor of legalizing marijuana on November 4th, 2014. It was by no means a landslide but, Oregon will now follow Washington and Colorado—alongside D.C. and Alaska, who also voted in favor—into the realm of legalized pot.  This decision is followed by a series of drug reformists lobbying to bring similar laws to California and many other States during 2016 and it is expected to pass in California as polls do show that a large majority of Americans are in favor of legalization across the board.


As it currently stands, medical marijuana is legal in 23 of the states and a further 18 have ‘decriminalized’ small amounts carried for ‘personal possession’. Only Washington—Initiative 502— Colorado, and now D.C., Alaska and Oregon have actually legalized its use for non-medical reasons.




But before you rush in…


Now, having said that there are still laws involved in the growing, the carrying, selling and use of pot, so it pays to know where users stand in relation to allowances. For Oregon, pot officially becomes ‘legal’ on July 1st, 2015 and the laws have been pulled straight from the OLCC—Oregon Liquor Control Commission—handbook. This means that the rules for the OLCC have to be adopted by the State by Jan 1st 2016, giving Oregon around a year to comply with all the requirements.  What it means for users is the ability to carry/possess, for personal use only, up to 8oz within one residence. Users will also be permitted to grow a maximum of 4 plants. However, rules will apply to outside use in a similar way to smoking cigarettes. You are, under no circumstances, allowed to smoke pot outside. You may only smoke it outside if you live in a rural area where you cannot be seen smoking it and it is not within distance of other people.


Know the laws


This does follow similar strategies in place in Colorado and Washington and Oregon has most definitely taken serious interest and specific notes from the two states since they legalized it in 2012. Colorado users, under Colorado Amendment 64 must be older than 21—as with all states—and can grow up to 6 plants but with the condition that only half can be mature flowerings plants. They must also be kept locked away in a private area and out of the reach of minors.  1oz of cannabis is permitted while traveling and they can also ‘gift’ up to 1oz to another adult of 21 or over. With Oregon marijuana laws it remains completely illegal to consume cannabis/marijuana/pot in public, the same way as liquor.


There are many states with their own lobbyists and initiatives lined up to reform the pot/marijuana/cannabis laws and some say that it would be better to reclassify it completely as no longer a schedule 1 substance. However, that will take some time and plenty of lobbying. We will be keeping an eye out for news and updates and we will, of course keep you posted. Check back regularly for our briefings.

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We all live in a society where each and every individual is free to live his life the way he wants therefore we at 420people are raising voice against laws that are based on government corruption, corporate greed and hysteria. All we are demanding is that cannabis (marijuana, hemp, THC) and other cannabis extracts should be exempted from the DEA’s Controlled Substances Act and ALL local, federal and state criminal penalties for the cultivation, processing, transportation, sales, sharing, trade, consumption, possession and use of cannabis for medicinal, industrial, nutritional, recreational and spiritual purposes be repealed and nullified.

For hundreds of years cannabis was used to benefit mankind before the laws created against it. Cannabis has been used for medicine, fuel, food, textiles and construction materials and has infinite known uses as


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