Yourvaporizers is committed to selling the best products online. When it comes down to getting the latest Atmos Products, has all the selection as the newest one seems to be the Atmos Aegis vaporizerr. Atmos has come a long way, they have some of the best marijuana products online so you can get the best possible vaporization.  When it comes down to having a high quality vaporizer, the Atmos Technologies has them  all. 

Let take a look at the Atmos Aegis Vaporizer.

Atmos Aegis Vaporizer 

Atmos  Rx Aegis portable vaporizer is a gorgeous vaporizer that has so many benefits to the user. The Technology in the Atmos Aegis makes it an overall impressive vaporizer for your dry herbs. This is an advanced Convection Vaporizer which uses an isolated air-pathway to seperate the heat and electronics. The Atmos Rx Aegis is an impressive leading portable Vaporizer that many people love to use with all the benefits that include a advanced OLED screen to give you the best possible benefits that no other vaporizer would be able to match up to.  This portable vaporizer is less than 5 inches tall, the perfect portable vaporizer for anyone to be able to perfectly fit inside your pocket. 


Performance For The Atmos RX Aegis Portable Vaporizer

It is really hard to find a similar portable vaporizer to match the performance for the Atmos RX Aegis Portable Vaporizer. The impressive temperature control system makes for precise vaporization using the convection heating. Using the arrows to control the temperature, the OLED screen will display your temperature as well as battery gauge to allow you to stay on top with the overall performance. Using the arrows, you can gauge the temperature control within one degree increment with adjustments between 320°F to 430°F. Isolated airflow will give you the best filtration without inhaling any carcinogens thanks to the heat-safe, rubber filtration system that's connected with the easy access mouthpiece that simly snaps into place. 


Design For The Atmos RX Aegis Portable Vaporizer

Quality built, durable anodized metals that finish off with a rubber finish to give for the best grip completes the best design for the Atmos RX Aegis Portable Vaporizer. It has an easy access mouthpiece that is bent like a straw to allow you to easily pull out vapor without any effort. There is a LED screen that shows the set temperature, current temperature, and battery level bar with two arrows at a precise control of 1 degree increments. The size Dimensions are handy for using on the go; 4.96" Height, 1.03" circumference. 


Inside The Atmos RX Aegis Vaporizer 

Built with anodized metal, you will see inside the Atmos RX Vaporizer many quality features unlike any other vaporizer. With the electronics seperated away from the heat, the isolation convection heating performans best with the outside technology. Its easy access mouthpiece is made using poly-carbonate material made to filter out debris with a silicon, anti-stick filter that snaps snug in place. The inside is set up to give for the purest, most potent vaping quality.


Temperature For The Atmos Aegis Vaporizer

With convection heating, and a LED screen, it is easy to precisely set the temperature for the Atmos RX Aegis Vaporizer. The anodized heating chamber will not put the herbs at risk of any combustion using a safe, yet very effective temperature range of 320°F to 430°F. Setting the temperature is as easy as turning on the vaporizer as you use the LED screen and arrows to guide within 1 degree increments, the optimial temperature setting you want. 


Battery Power For The Atmos RX Aegis Vaporizer

With 1650mAH of energy, it gives out impressive battery power for the Atmos RX Aegis Vaporizer making it a portable convection vaporizer that will last up to 5 hours on a single charge as you can monitor the battery level by simply watching the LED screen as the bar will allow you to avoid suprise energy depletion. The Charging of the powerful lithium ion battery only takes 2 hours using an internal, pass-through USB charger allowing you to continue to use the unit while charging.


Atmos RX Aegis Portable Vaporizer For Sale

Finding the right online authorized dealer for the Atmos RX Aegis Portable Vaporizer For Sale is the most important thing you need to find if you want the 5 year warranty to be validated. With the high-quality metals, scratch resistant rubber outter layer, long-lasting 1650mAH battery, and isolated air-pathway, the Atmos RX Aegis vaporizer is built for the long-term and just might last 5 years without even having it refurbished using your warranty claim. High powered portable herbal vaporizer like the Atmos RX Aegis vaporizer, this is possibly the best solution for the price especially givin that you have precise control of the temperature and battery. The Easy Access mouthpiece with a large herbal chamber simly makes life a lot easier to handle when it comes down to buying a premium portable vaporizer called the Atmos RX Aegis Vaporizer. 


Aegis Comes With;


- (1) Aegis Vaporizer

- (1) Silicon Filter

- (1) Packing Tool

- (1) Cleaning Brush

- (1) Micro-USB Cable

- (1) User Manual

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