Community Rules


- Must be 18 years of age or older
- Do not ask to buy or sell weed in here, you will be banned.
- All images and posts must be of legal acts and offers ( No smoking paraphernalia)
- Be respectful to one another
- No nudity, keep it classy.
- All original posts must be cannabis related.
- No spamming the group or unrelated ads.
- Do not post other groups over 420 members.
- Do not disrespect the admins and do not block them.
- Follow Facebook Community Standards

If you find a post offensive or against the group rules simply tag or message an admin. All messages are anonymous. Each report will be reviewed. If found
offensive or if it violates the rules it will be removed. The poster may be removed or banned from the group as well.

If you have been banned and you want to appeal the decision, search FB for "420 People Banned" and follow the directions.

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